Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My HeadOverHeels Collection: Melody Motha

Melody Motha is a beautiful women, who just like us is obsessed with fashion and shoes. I first discovered her through her own fashion blog Then I started following her on twitter and then, fell more in love with her when I joined Instagram, her other obsession. I love her instagram because she shares everything she does through great pictures, which includes her nights out, outfit of the day pics and my favourite her shoes, which are just great.

So I thought I should collect those and share with you and see what I have been enjoying:

As you can see she doesn't just shop in SA....she travels to Paris

Lullla Belle Boutique

She was in Dubai and she left with!

Her latest pair, she worships it, even said she's scared to wear it.

So if you are on Instagram be sure to follow @ilovemelmo you will not be dissapointed


  1. Hope my woman doesn't mistakenly get on this blog!!

  2. I love Melody just as much.thanx for sharing <3


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